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شو شفت؟

Want to Leak Something to Us?

Are there any documents you want to share with us and think we should investigate? You can securely share using two methods, one with the Wire App and the other through our SecureDrop server.

Via WhatsApp

Send us a message and/or attachments to our number: +96171952326.


Our website

You can send a message via our contact page. If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave the email field empty.



Using SecureDrop

SecureDrop is an encrypted submission system that is highly recommended if you value both confidentiality and anonymity. Because it uses the Tor network, your identity, location and other information will be protected. SecureDrop  allows us to communicate while keeping both parties completely anonymous from each other.

To use SecureDrop, you must:

- Download and install software to access the Tor network:

- Once you load the Tor browser, copy and paste the following address (as is) into the Tor address bar. You are not able to access it from a regular web browsers. You will then find additional instructions on how to submit files to The Public Source.

- A randomly generated, unique code name will be assigned to you. If The Public Source wishes to contact you, we will do so in your SecureDrop. These messages can only  be accessed using your code name.

- Using the Tails operating system is recommended to increase security. More information on the Tails operating system can be found here. More information on SecureDrop can be found here.

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Wire App

Send us your tips anonymously via the Wire App @thepublicsource.